Introducing our line of gourmet, fermented, and handmade NUT MILK CHEESES.

Our cheeses are handmade using organic ingredients. The process is similar to that for making dairy cheese except that it uses nut milk rather than dairy milk. The milk is first fermented. Then, moisture is removed to arrive at a semi-solid texture. Finally, cheese is flavored.

Our original line of cheeses come in three flavors: plain, herb, and smoked (with a black pepper crust).

There are also three varieties of cheeses: cashew, macadamia, and a cashew/macadamia blend. Pricing is based on the variety (cashews being less expensive than macadamia). Each variety has unique properties.

Cashew has the softest texture of the three and the earthiest flavor. It is almost like a spreadable cheese. It is the least expensive of the three. Excellent for budget conscious shoppers.

Macadamia has the most solid texture of the three. It is lighter, fluffier, and has a more refined flavor than the cashew. Almost like a ricotta, but it can be cut into wedges. This is our premier cheese.

Cashew/Mac is a blend of the two cheeses. With this cheese you get the best of both worlds...the value of cashew with the gourmet flavor of macadamia.

In Fall 2013, we released our first specialty flavor...Nacho.


Our cheeses are currently available at the following retail locations:

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